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 Mingus on Mingus
 A film documentary on the life of Charles Mingus 1922-1979

This is a page dedicated to the new documentary which will be released shortly. The film producers are keeping various blogs and websites posted on the development of documentary, it's release dates and other bits of information. If you're interested keep dropping by this page (or my blog in general) to keep up to date with the films progress.

The documentary is directed by Charles Mingus grandson Kevin Ellington Mingus. The website for the film is found at Orange then Blue and of course will have updates at regular periods. 

Of course if you don't know who Charles Mingus is then I suggest you first pass by the Wiki web page dedicated to the man to get a little background information..... and then head down to your local CD store (new or second-hand).

UPDATE -  9th November 2011

Here's the first press release and message from the 'Mingus on Mingus' team :

We are very happy to announce that we launched our fund-raising campaign today for the project "Mingus on Mingus". We have a big challenge ahead of us and we would like to count on help. A successful campaign means we can move forward with the project and capture moments that we might otherwise loose. The making of the documentary will be a long road but having the resources to begin our journey is all we can hope for. We know it will not be possible without your help and we are all at your disposal for any questions or feedback you may have.

Our goal is to raise $45,000 in 40 days. With your post in your blog, you will help us to reach out the community. Thank you!

UPDATE - a few hours to go! 

Last 24 hours!! "Mingus on Mingus" can be real because of you. Thanks to all the support we are receiving. We still need to make the last sprint. Help us by pledging to the project and spreading the word to everyone around you. Let's get on the Big Screen!

This is the link: http://kck.st/vCCn8N

All my best,
Valeria Rios

If you're interested to help out in anyway you can always pop over to the KickStart page where your donations will be very welcome, and of course help to make this documentary project a reality. 

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