Clarinets A - Z

Some of these players have their own web pages, others, no longer with us, wiki entries, websites dedicated to them. However, I've decided to add myspace link for those who have them as often these pages have snippets of music, website address links, blogs, and even some tour dates.

I've also noticed that most of the modern (recent) players are doubling on sax and clarinet. I imagine that they probably came to the saxophone from the clarinet and the good thing about that is the 'press' it gives to the clarinet as an instrument. I hope to expand this section shortly and maybe add comments after certain players to give people more of an instant overview of what type of music the particular player plays - if any, of course.


James Allsopp
Joachim Badenhorst
Barney Bigard
Michael Blake
Anthony Braxton
Don Byron
John Carter
Stephane Chausse - on myspace here
Anat Cohen
Eddie Daniels
Buddy DeFranco
Eric Dolphy
Jimmy Dorsey
Paco D'Rivera
Paul Dunmall
Marty Ehrlich
Robin Fincker - on website here.
Pete Fountain


Ben Goldberg
Benny Goodman
Jimmy Giuffre
Edmond Hall
Jimmy Hamilton
Stan Hasselgard
Woody Herman
Theo Jörgensmann - on myspace here
Dan Kinzelman - on website here
Rolf Kühn
George Lewis
Joe Lovano
Jason Mears - bandcamp here
Michael Moore
David Murray
Albert Nichols
Jimmy Noone
Ken Peplowski
Antoine Prawerman - on myspace here
Jason Stein


Matt Renzi - on website here
Perry Robinson - on myspace here
Tony Scott
Artie Shaw
Aram Shelton
Julian Siegal
Omer Simeon
Chris Speed - on website here
John Surman
Ken Vandermark - website here
Bob Wilber
Lester Young

A few clarinet links here :

- There are several types of clarinets in use in the jazz world. The two most common are the Boehm and the Albert. I won't be going into these, but you can get more information on their differences via the Wiki link (above), or click here for a nice web-page dedicated to the Albert system.

- Wiki's clarinet page here.
- Interesting clarinet web page here.
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