Jazz Clubs

Hi! This is not a page to rival Jazz Clubs Worlwide (run by my good friend Peter Maguire) but just a simple way of keeping an easily available list of places playing jazz. It makes it easier for me to -
a) look for gigs.
b) be able to check out what's going on without doing a massive web search.

Of course if anyone has any suggestions I'm always most grateful, and I'll be adding all the time also.


Café Hopper (Antwerp)
Café Roskam (Brussels)
El Negocito (Gent)
Hnita Jazz Club (Heist-op-den-Berg)
Hot Club de Gand (Gent)
JazzZolder (Mechelin)
Jacques Pelzer Jazz Club (Liege)
The Jazz Station (Brussels)
The Music Village (Brussels)
Opatuur  (Gent) ::::: this includes de centrale and mub 'art
Oratorienhof (Leuven) ::::: seems to be working with the JazzOlder program.
The Sounds (Brussels)

Loft Scene (?)
Les Atalier Claus (Brussels) - more experimental art/music forms.
Karel Ball (Brussels) - only invites musicians, and then only those who are exploring new directions.

I should add that there some places that I know exist, but due to the fact that they pay so badly I don't mention as links - The Buster, or The Muze are two such examples. One can only ask the question how do these places still manage to attract musicians to play in their clubs for so little money, it's simply not ethical!
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