Friday, 27 May 2011

Wadada Leo Smith - Explains

Here's a series of video from the (in)famous YouTube with Wadada Leo Smith explaining some of his life and musical ideas. I'm posting this really just to make it easier to watch (for me?) in series, but also because it's a good way of highlighting another one of the unsung heroes of music - another being Henry Threadgill. Actually you could fill a hundred blogs with people that deserve recognition, or is it the other way round a 1000 blogs with people that have recognition, but shouldn't! Anyhow, that's not important here, and not today anyhow. I just thought to place these here in easy reach of the passer buy who maybe tempted to take some time out to watch this documentary about what seems like a very warm and honest musician. Enjoy :

::: Part 1 :::

::: Part 2 :::

::: Part 3 :::

::: Part 4 :::

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