Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Gentle Giant - not likely today.

I just had to post this which I must of heard dozens of times on my old scratched up LP version. What made me laugh when watching the video is how they just play this complicated piece live, no problem. Immediately I thought of all the rock bands that are popular at the present and wondered how many could actually do such a thing at all. Maybe in the studio with the help of Pro-Tools or Logic, but not live on stage! Can you imagine the likes of Blur, U2, Mumford and Sons or Lady Gaga even being able to play even a one instrument correctly, but certainly not two (and singing in some cases). Of course that doesn't mean that todays rock musicians or less talented, but it does show how lazy they maybe are, and of course less involed in the real art of composition. I would say that this is the best of Gentle Giant, but it's fun to watch the guys going through their paces.

And lastly it's also interesting to wonder how many popular bands can also produce a quality show where they can keep the audience captivated by their own talent. I suppose that from Genesis' show 'The Lamb Lies Down ....', it's more and more common to expect your favourite group or artist to produce something. The likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna or Michael Jackson to name but three, all went out with one can only call 'musicals' (and for me) not less pompous than the rock bonanzas of ELP, or Yes. Funnily enough those groups (and that period) is what inspired the rise of the punk movement in the UK, even if those bands also became more and more polished in their presentations, a kind of  'the pot calling the kettle black'. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video from YouTube and if you don't know the group follow them up as there's plenty more interesting stuff to hear and see.

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