Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Blogs the list.

Just a short word and explanation about the 'blogs' list on the right hand side of the page. These are blogs that in general I'm looking at myself ..... but ...... I don't actually recommend them. In some cases I can thoroughly recommend certain such as Ronan Guilfoyle's blog Mostly Music or Free-Jazz blog for a little new inspiration when looking for new sounds. I've just come across Mark Hannaford's blog Dualism Aside which looks very interesting (I have to really check it out in detail to recommend it completely). And when talking about music blogging one can't forget the hours I've sepnt reading the articles on Do the Math the blog of Ethan Iverson and the Bad Plus.

All this to say that the blog list may change from time to time - adding or taking away - a few of the blogs mentioned depending on what I find interesting to follow. This also helps to keep down massive lists of blogs visited.

p.s. Check out Inconstant.Sol for an amazing archive of live (mostly) recordings ..... often of a free-ish nature.

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