Saturday, 20 March 2010

Beware of blogpsot ... NOT to be confused with blogspot (the real thing)!!

Yes, you read it correctly ....... blogspot or is it blogpsot, notice the difference?

A very quick post warning (anybody who reads this) about the blogpsot webscam. Now it's not illegal but I was say it's a dirty trick, and can cause a lot of confusion.

Step 1 :

If you take your blogspot adress - mine being (1) and then change the place of the S & the P your address will be (2), you've probably noticed that I've outlined the S & P in both addresses. Now, if you paste the first URL into your browser you'll get my blog - the one you're reading. If, on the other-hand you paste the second URL you'll get an ultra religious website, that I must admit I haven't really read.

Step 2 :

To make things very interesting ....... now take ANY (or most) blogspot URLs and do the same thing i.e. change the address to blogpsot ex : - becomes -
This to me seems most underhand and certainly not ethical. If the people who run (Google) could do something about it I'd be most appreciative, and besides that it would save a lot of confusion. If you have a blog, tell your friends and maybe make a quick posting such as this to make friends and real users aware. On the other hand if you're just a blog reader, just spread the word, that way people know what's happening.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it makes sense.

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