Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jazz Education

A very quick post to point people to my Jazz Education survey (or questionnaire). I'm writing a paper on jazz education which has to be ready for the end of August. One thing that seemed important was to get a few results and information from other people about their learning experiences. I decided to make an online survey, which you'll see below. Obviously its not completely perfect and doesn't really leave much leeway when answering the questions. One musician - quite rightly - pointed out that yes or no was a bit to restrictive for some of the questions. However, unfortunately the way the survey is built it's difficult to do it any other way without making people really spend a lot of time on the questions. The idea that people leave their addresses tried to cover this 'hole' in the survey as I can contact individual people to ask them more detailed questions.

If you're a musician and have been working in improvised music please take a look at my survey as it will be very useful for having some sort of figures to present to the university - even if they are not stricktly controlled, it does give some sort of general idea of musicians experiences in teaching, or learning about improvisation via education (or not).

Please take a look at the survey here. If you have other musician friends around please don't hesitate to pass on the link (or survey) ..... I'd be most grateful!

I should add that the questions (see the comments section below) are very 'general' due in part to the format which makes them a bit restrictive. I could have made them much more 'write what you think' style, but I was worried that people may find that too time consuming. Unfortunately I was wrong, but it is a little late to change after so many people have answered the survey - very thoroughly. Please feel free to contact me directly - here - if you'd like to help me get some more in depth information. Thanks!


  1. Joe, I made it about half way through the survey and then stopped. For a range of reasons, I am not comfortable with the questions, and the pairing to pre-set answers. There is much more to the learning process for anyone, I believe. If you wish to send me questions, I will write some responses, but I will not participate in the survey.

  2. Absolutely no problem Stephen. I wanted to ask a few musicians some more in depth questions, but this free online survey service was just a simple way of getting some general information. I hoped - as you've done - that people would contact me so that I could ask the 'real' questions.

    I also looked around the net hoping to find an easier template for a questionnaire, but I found the same model on most of the free services, hence my (very general) survey.

    Thanks for contacting me, we'll be in touch.



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