Thursday, 15 December 2011

3 days to go - Mingus on Mingus

Here's the latest mail from Kevin Mingus. As you can see they nearly have the money to make the Mingus documentary to become a reality. Spread the word, who knows maybe you know someone who can help? 

I know Valeria has been the one to be in touch with you all while her
and I worked side by side this month. I wanted to let you know how
moved I am by your openness to support this project.  I could not
think of a more fitting context under which to present Mingus on
Mingus than that of the dedication, love and drive you have for this

Your posts have connected us to a community which is now in support of
the project.

We have 3 DAYS LEFT and I graciously ask you for one last push. We
need you to reach out once more to let folks know we are in THE FINAL
PUSH! Please let your readers know how far we have come, what we have
accomplished together and the bit we need to go.

Thank you very much

Kevin Ellington Mingus


You can also go directly to the Kick Starter site here.

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