Saturday, 2 July 2011

Forgotten Classics

I just had to post this, a forgotten classic in the experimental film genre. Here's a film of Zbigniew Rybczyński which I've often discussed with people when talking about experimental film techniques. He made some excellent films including a great 'remake' of the Battleship Potempkin story, I'll see if I can find it somewhere on the net and add it to this post. In the meanwhile I hope you enjoy this original film - just think of the technical problems - one of his early 1980s masterpiece.

Just watch (and follow) a few of the characters, the boy with the ball, the man changing the light bulb, the couple making love, and most of all the lady at the end who takes the original ball that starts the whole movie ........!

Here's a bit of the film where Rybczyński uses scenes from The Battleship Potempkin movie. It seems that this was made after the Tango movie (1987) and of course one sees how he uses the same style as in his previous work. 

Of course his style was so original that he started being used to make early pop videos, Nona Hendryx being one example that springs to mind. In 1986 he also made film of John Lennon's Imagine (see below.  I also seem to remember an excellent version of the the journal that Kafka wrote in connection with his father(?). I think that the film was shot in one movement, which in those days was an amazing achievement.  Anyhow, if you look at the wiki entry (link above) you can see all the work he did since. Try cut and pasting some of the titles into YouTube or Vimeo as I'm sure there's plenty more interesting stuff to see. 

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