Monday, 7 March 2011

More from 'The Man with the Glass Nose'

Well, I made a posting a few months ago on the Man with the Glass Nose which is a project I'm working on with Roald Baudoux, an electro acoustician. We are building up sets of improvisations around this particular tale from the work of Kurt Schwitters translated by Jack Zipes. The project is a collaboration with UK artist Irvine Peacock the originator of this project,  there are various other artists who are participating also. The work is actually many pieces of art which will be placed into a box called the Merz Box - based on the Merz Fairy Tales that Schwitters wrote. The box will be added to from time to time and so we (Roald and I) are contributing a CD to the box, with the idea that we will develop the improvisation over the next few months, record and re-mix the versions to make a small 4 or 5 CD box .... maybe in glass eventually?

So, this is the latest version which we've been working on. I was going to make it downloadable for the next few weeks, so if you're interested, contact me, and I can send you a link. However if you end up going to one of the shows you'll be able to buy a CD with a specially designed cover by Irvine Peacock, and if you follow the showings around you will be able to get different (collectable) versions, with of course new covers each time - limited editions (I imagine).

The Man with the Glass Nose 020311 - Higham/Baudoux (29 minutes)

The sound file here is only in mp3, however as already mentioned it's downloadable so that you can listen to it on you stereo to get the full effect.  

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