Friday, 11 February 2011

Blowing my own trumpet, as you say.

Thought I'd just add in a quick reminder for all those living within driving, walking, flying distance of Brussels of a couple of exciting dates coming up. Why exciting ........ umm, err, well I'm playing!

Sunday 13th February 

Joe Higham 4tet ::: 20h

Joe Higham - sax and clarinet
Frederik Leroux - guitar and sounds
Hugo Antunes - bass
Marek Patrman - drums

Friday 25th February 

The OPen Source @ JazzOlder ::: 20h

Joe Higham - sax & clarinet
Augusto Pirodda - piano
Hugo Antunes - bass
Joao Lobo - drums

You can listen to the OPen Source here if you're interested to know what it's about. In the meanwhile I hope to see you there.

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