Thursday, 22 July 2010

New blog list

Just a quick posting to suggest that anybody interested in serious music discussion should not forget to check out the 'Journalistic' music blogs list that I've started (see blog lists etc). After reading Ethan Iverson's blog, on many occasions, I start to realize the enormity of the number of blogs out there discussing (non stop) various concepts, likes and dislikes. It's almost impossible to stay up to date with the likes of all of these, but somehow in my spare moments I browse through some of what's on the list.

Read the interesting article on Richard Muhal Abrams here. I was particularly interested (yet again) by an appraisal on the work of John Carter which can be found here which is on Steve Smith's blog 'Night after Night'. This was in response to Ethan Iverson's post back in 2006 about great jazz recordings between 1973 - 1990 ( found here if his blog hasn't moved *). I'm certainly inspired to write a response to this article at a later date as the porr exposure that the jazz clarinet has had until now is amazing and it is maybe time to make a little appraisal of this instrument in the next blog article.

Anyhow, please check out some of these blogs as I add them (and move them around from one box to another).

* = The Do the Math blog is moving address sometime in July 2010.
** = Another interesting article about John Carter here.

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