Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Open Source - Improvisations

Open Source is a group of musicians who get together to make improvised sessions on a regular basis. The idea being to make a kind of 'freely improvised melodic' improvisation ... if that's not too pretentious! After putting them up on Soundcloud a few days ago I thought, 'why not put them up here also?'  The recordings are very low-fi recordings made on a hand held recorder, but I thought the results interesting, and of course especially for those interested in 'free impro' music. At the same time I also thought that maybe it can be a good idea to put up 'work in progress' as to hear what musicians are trying out (in private) can sometimes be very interesting, especially when they know that some of what they enjoy playing can be difficult to find paid concerts where they can play that music.

Some of the improvisations are very long, but that's just the way it happened - I probably played too much, but well warts and all is sometimes more interesting! I may put up a few more things as they come along as we - the group - get together on a regular basis to just 'improvise'.  

I hope to add more people to these sessions in the coming months so as to get two drummers, or bass players and maybe other instruments also.

The members of the group are - Joe Higham (reeds), Augusto Pirodda (pno), Hugo Antunez (bass), Antonio Pisano (drms).

 Open Source #1 by joehigham

 Open Source #3 by joehigham

:::: A footnote to these recordings added 8th September 2010 ::::

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the music on this blog post had been listened to more than once (*)! I noticed (on the last time I checked) that #1 was listened to 11 times, #2 has 7 plays, but #3 has 35 plays ..... which is nice to see. I'll be interested to follow up these once again in a few months, however i hope to make a more 'serious' recording with this group in the next months also.

Oh, by the way, my own feeling is that the OS #1 and #3 are the most interesting.

(*) = Who knows if they were listened to entirely.

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